Looking for friends to play Halo with.

So I’m tired of being on the team that is a bunch of ransoms vs a party on the other team. So I need friends because my real life friends rarely play. So who am I looking for?

-you have a mic and you talk.
-you like to play a variety of game modes.
-you work together with your team to reach objectives.
-you use clean language
-you don’t kill teammates to gain their weapons and other annoying things of that sort
-you will party up

A little about me

-I’m a good warthog driver. I don’t mind driving
-I like to play war games, spartan ops and campaign
-I only really play goofy custom games like hot potatoes with rockets or something ridiculous
-I’m really good at king of the hill and pretty good at other objectives.
-I like winning but I’d rather just have a good time and e pertinence those awesome moments where you want to record them!
-I’m 25, married and have a life so I’m not on all the time but I’m on usually once a day. I play usually at night from 6-10 Pacific Time

I am currently thinking about putting a team together- nothing as serious as a clan, but more serious than some friends who occasionally play with each other… I’m in the same situation as you, not enough good competitive players to play with. Let me know whether you’re interested or not (GT is same as username).

A driver? I think you and I will get along quite well.

Outcast Reborn is the place I’ve called home for the last four years, and has a lot of qualities that line us with what you seem to be looking for.

We’re a very long lived group - strong since the early H2 days. We do have competitive teams in both the Halo and CoD franchises, but if your style is more laid back (which it seems to be) we are definitely about that as well. Most of our members subscribe to that style of gaming.

We are a very social group of gamers and our members are very active on our forums and online. Social doesn’t just mean we play together - all of our members use their mics! Whether you are in joining as a full member or simply just loking to find more people to play with on a regular basis swing on by.

If any questions pop up feel free to PM me here, on XBL or on our forums. If you want to message me on Waypoint, just be sure to chage your settings to beable to received PMs!