Looking for friends / good players!

Hi all :slight_smile:

So I’m tired of playing team arena with randoms, I’m looking for decent players who focus on winning (18+ or just mature).

Add me XK DonuT KX - currently rank 6 platinum in team arena and looking to push for Oynx with a team.


Hey man, it sounds like my group would be fitting, but I attached the bio from my newly created spartan company, Imposingly Organized just so you could make sure and see what were all about before you join. I also sent you a preemptive invitation just in case.
The purpose of this spartan company is to gather a reliable database of active, skillful and cooperative players to draw upon come game-time. If you know the pain of being match-made into, and deprived of a win by, a team of players that are not as passionate about the fight as you are, then join us!
To maximize cooperation and efficiency, being paired with like-minded players is CRUCIAL! So if playing smart and strategically with lots of communication and teamwork, join, and be the next step in a solid network of similar gamers.
Before joining, it is requested that you have:

  • Respect for your teammates - A microphone - A fair understanding of the game - A willingness to communicate and cooperate - A sense of maturityIMPORTANT
    Be Mannerly!
    The purpose of this group is to see more fun out multiplayer, not less. If you have any intention of insulting or antagonizing your fellow teammates because their skills are not up to par with you, or any reason at all, don’t bother joining. Besides, if that’s your thing, then there’s a better group for you other there somewhere anyways.

Thanks dude, this is exactly what I’m looking for!


TRU Gamers is always looking for new members to join our gaming community and Spartan Company! We would love to have the opportunity to link up and battle on Halo 5 on your team. If you’re interested in playing, feel free to send me a friend request, sign up on our website and we can send you an invite to the game and our company.http://www.trugamers.org

Thank you!
Owner of the TRU Global Gaming Network

Thanks, added you : )

Anyone else interested in playing to win, add me on live XK DonuT KX

Welcome to PartyUpGaming! We are a competitive Spartan Company that strives to be the best, be ACTIVE, and PARTY UP with each other.
We are on throughout all timezones and are not limited to any specific region. We are a strictly Halo 5 Spartan Company for the Xbox One.

Our #1 Goal is to Have a Spartan Company that Plays Together, that means Partying Up with other Spartan Company Members and other Spartan Company Alliances.

Easy Way To Join: - Simply Click on the link https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/partyupgaming and click “Request to Join” on the upper right ^

  • otherwise Message IAmDrrunnmk on HaloWaypoint or on Xbox Live GamerTag: IAmDrrunnmk

Spartan Company HaloWaypoint Website:

Welcome to Spartan Company PartyUpGaming:

Are YOU tired of joining Companies that don’t play together? have no good communication? seem unorganized? have no vision? ect…
Well whatever the reason, Look no further. Join and have a part in creating a great and fun Spartan Company to be in.

What you will find from our Spartan Company that you will not find with others:

  • Opportunity: Looking for those that are serious about running a Company on Halo 5 will get a chance to become a Lieutenant for the Spartan Company.
  • Teamwork: Operating together is our #1 goal and we strive to play together at all times
  • Public Lobby Stomping: What is more fun than playing Warzone with 8-12 Spartan Company Teammates to Dominate public lobby games? nothing.
  • Organization: We are organized to the teeth about how we operate giving our Company an efficient way to operate and play with other Members.
    (Coming Soon Stuff: Forums, Websites, Communication App.)
  • Communication: We not only communicate with each other more efficiently, but also play together more efficiently.
  • Vision: I have a dream, that one day Halo player will unite under one belief and that is to play together for total domination of lobbies and we will do everything necessary to make our Company operate more efficiently.

Reasons to Join:
- Easy access to multiplayer FireTeam teammates to play with in Arena, Warzone, and Co-Op campaign missions.
- Want Opportunity to run a Spartan Company as a Commander? We are looking for those individuals with leadership potential to Promote.
- Recruit 20 members and earn yourself a $20 Xbox Live Gift Card.
(That’s $1 per member recruited!)

- Have a Positive Kill/Death Ratio
- Must Party Up with Spartan Company Members
- Prefer Everyone has a Microphone****New Spartans please add everyone from the Spartan Company Roster as a 'friend’ on Xbox Live. This is the primary way to party up / communicate with other members of Spartan Company.

Spartan Company PartyUpGaming

Still looking for highly skilled players who are serious, but like to have fun with arena. Prefer Diamond + rank and a decent k/d ratio. Looking for a good BR/Pistol, team shooting, team call outs, and logical thinking. Looking to mesh well with a few players and climb the gamebattles ladder, and online tournaments for now. msg me or invite. GT Legends9001

We are pretty active on Destiny and looking to expand to Halo 5… I sent you an invite if you’re interested.

I would love to join you :upside_down_face:

I’ll add you!

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> I’ll add you!



Join us…we are a company looking to expand. If you love to play multiplayer and looking for a squad to run with then send us a message! We love to play warzone and want to build a solid group who communicates and plays together. No more running around without a goal…let’s team up and wreck together.Thanks