Looking for friendly members for my new clan.

First of all, i’m new on this forum so don’t mind the lack of special effects (;

My new clan: The Promethean Headhunters.
A couple of months ago i started a new clan with my best buddy.
Just the two of us (:
Now we aren’t friends anymore so i’m the only member.

What kind of members am i looking for?
-Friendly members
-Need to speak english
-Need to know at least something from the Halo franshise!
-Still plays Halo 3 custom games :smiley:
-Some skill is always welcome :smiley:
-You don’t need to be a high level :smiley:
-I don’t do boosting!

About me:
My name is Mike, i’m 18y, i own a KTM 125 and i’m from Belgium. (Yes, Belgium xD)
I play games since i’m 6y. Started with Halo 2 at 9y.
I’m 5.57ft tall (or short? :smiley: ), have green eyes (for the girls (; ), i work out, do art, like to read and i work as a carpenter.
I’m a huge fan of the Halo franchise, i own all Halo games in highest edition (except for Halo 3) and have all books, except the kilo five saga.
I’m a fan of the Halo, Gears of War, Battlefield and Elder Scroll series.
I like zombies, games and most of all having fun with friends over xbox or in real life.
Completed all Halo campaigns and Spartans ops’ on Legendary solo
except Halo CE and Wars.

What i can offer.
-Help with achievements
-Explain how the Halo universe works
-I don’t do clan battles

(even) More info:
GT: PandaKwijl
Facebook:Mike de Bleser

Send me if interested, i’m a friendly guy :smiley:
Hope to add you soon (: