Midland Base Competitive Team

We’re looking for like minded groups/clans to engage in some friendly matches. The Match would consist of a best of three game match. We would pick a game type/map. The opposing team would pick one and the third would be agreed upon if needed. We can field either a four or five member team.

If this sounds good to you, please have whoever is charge of your group/clan contact me here on Waypoint via pm. To save on miscommunication, I am only willing to speak with the person in charge of making decisions for their group/clan. If I can’t confirm you are either the founder of the group/clan or someone in charge, please don’t bother contacting me. I will not respond.

silient hit86
Midland Base
Executive Officer/MB Team Captain

Hit is looking for battles for our competitive team.

Everything he just wrote applies to our entire group as well.

If you’re looking for BTB 8 V 8’s, or even a round robin involving up to three teams of four (each group would have a total team size of 12 unique members) Contact me.

I have the same guidelines as Hit, if you are not of high enough rank in your group / clan to coordinate for it (all of it for you guys that like to divide up your group) don’t waste my time.

We usually follow our BTB’s with mixers to get to know each other.

Midland Base Founder