Looking for fellow veteran players

I’m looking for some mature, veteran Halo players for MCC and H5.

I’m done playing with randoms. Looking for good teammates who can communicate and go positive, both in k/d and mindset.

Hit me up! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Mainly just looking to play beta right now btw! Once the beta is over I’ll be going back to MCC.

Add me DeadEyeDucky

Clan Name: HaloScene.com
Clan GamerTag & Contact Alias: oDinZu
Clan Mission: A mature, serious Halo fan community and clan created by 10 year Halo Veterans whom started with Halo 1 Xbox Connect. We set our hearts out Brings people who love halo together, Provide quality content and news with convenient access, Organize tournaments and events for the community.


What you describe, is just what I’m looking for!

Add me " the deadman 1" I’m looking for more people who communicate and want to have fun no I don’t have really anyone to play halo 5 beta or MCC with


Add me if you’d like.

Go ahead and add me as well this is exactly what I am looking for. Ive been playing since XBC/Halo1 days and am looking for some people to play with.

GT: bigBUDDHAhoez

Been at this since Halo 1 LAN days. Trying to level up and play as a team.

GT: -Yoink!- cabage

Sounds like were all in the same boat.


Right on guys, I just added all of you. See you online.

Add me please guys.

I’m looking for something similar. Currently just playing MCC. Not too interested in H5 because H5 just doesn’t feel like Halo.