Looking for fellow Swat gamers.

I haven’;t got many people on XBL and I want some people that will team up with me to destroy in Swat games.

Currently at a 20 CSR in it. Looking to improve. Tired of Pick up groups. Add me :slight_smile:

YCruxis AngelX

I Sent you a message Via Xbox Live.

I think I am a 22 CSR (inflated from several good games) but am now back on my way down to a 19-20 CSR

Is Norseman34 your gamertag?


Send me a message and I’ll play. I’m CSR 30 soo I’m okay.

I’m okay, normally get MVP with normally 20-30 kills, sometimes higher. No idea what my CSR is though

im not a fan of swat because people can kill you as fast as they do in cod
team slayer is my thing

Gamertag: Elendil656

I like SWAT. I’m not very good though. GT-LoneWolfUndead.