Looking for fellow Aussie Warzone Teammates

Hey guys, just wondering if there are any fellow Aussies out there who might wanna team up for Warzone? It feels like lately I just keep getting matched against coordinated teams while mine runs around chasing kills instead of playing the objective. I’m not an amazing player but I do decently and can support quite well. If anyone’s interested feel free to shoot me a friend request and we can get some games going :slight_smile:

There are quite a few Aussie Spartan companies that I know run warzone. A couple of them are quite good too. The guys I run with aren’t the best but we win our fair share if you want it roll with us I’ll add you and try and get you in.

Sweet, sent you a friend request.

Join Australian Spartans always people to join up with.

Check out “What Is A Nornfang” I’ve run with those guys a bunch of times, they’re happy to play with people of all levels and most importantly - they are a bunch of fun to party up with. =)