Looking for Epic Warzone Players

ohaio, i usually play Warzone with 3-8 people at best when they’re all online anyway.
but i’m really looking for more live friends to make bigger Warzone Fireteams :smiley:
It doesn’t matter if you talk or not.

I’m looking for people which have atleast a k/d ratio of 2+ with Warzone (halotracker.com) not any lower sorry.
if you are that guy or girl, your welcome to send me a friend request on xbox live :smiley:

little background. i play with some real life friends, were aged between 20-26.
we’re all from the netherlands(holland) we’ve been playing halo since the start peaking at halo2 multiplayer live wich was the best imo, the halo’s after were more and more -Yoink- so we basicly stopped playing, but with halo5 multiplayer looking so darn nice we decided to play again, play alot! :smiley:

Two Infinite is looking for players. We mostly do Warzone