Looking For Epic Halo Reach Maps!

Hey Guys I run a show on youtube where we review Halo Reach Maps that are really cool fun and unique. were looking for some new maps to review, so if you guys have any maps that you know of or even your own maps that you would like to share id love to see them. Just post a B-net link Below

Epic Maps Show Check us Out: http://www.youtube.com/Team0Epiphany

Wouldn’t this be better to post it in the forge area…

I’ve made a couple maps, but they aren’t really anything to brag about, might have a couple friends that I could point you to though if you want, have to consult with them first though.

I have quite a bit of experience making Halo Forge maps, feel free to check some of them out:


Some of these are a bit old and not as good as newer ones but I’d say be sure to at least check out the following:

Blue Streak: My newest, best, and most polished competitive map. 6-10 players.
Shade: A very unique infection experience (use 300 Seconds to Live game mode). 6-16 players
Trial Point: A massive Invasion map designed to act almost as a campaign mission (use Onslaught game mode). 12-16 players
Abstracto: Just a crazy, mind-twisting map for a variety of game modes. 4-12 players.
Dead Mines: A large infection/invasion map featuring multiple tunnels, bases, weapons, and more (use Eradication game mode for infection or standard invasion). 6-16 players.
Arcadian Chapel: A large, scenic, casual map with a unique weapon set. 8-12 players.

Hey Thanks Ill take a look at them tonight