Looking for Dominion Players

I’m a big fan of Dominion, but don’t play it very often because of lack of communication between players, which causes constant losses. So to change that, and to unlock the very -Yoink!- Commando armor, I’m looking for people who are willing to party up, capture a few bases and win some matches. I’m not really worried about stats or anything like that, but I would prefer it if people had headsets and are (somewhat) respectful.

If you’re interested, shoot a message or friend request to Anxious Wreck. I’m on almost every day off and on throughout the day, so chances are you’ll find me online.

I love dominion, I had to start a clan just for a team on it. I’ll play with you.

Add me if u want. Same problem, no one ever goes for objective. I’ve. Only played a few games of Dominion but really liked it.

GT Tremer Christ

Hey I’m in add me gt is the same as it is here

I’m willing to learn how to play :slight_smile:

I sent everyone who posted here a friend request, and accepted another who messaged me through xbox live. Still looking for more players though, the more the merrier!

Hit me up! I ussually don’t play the same reason you don’t

Count me in. I really want to play more dominion but never have enough people.

Just had an awesome session with some of the people who posted here, as well as a few randoms that we picked up. My friends list is pretty slim, so if anyone is still interested, send me a message!

If any of you are having any difficulty playing any gametypes, my clan the Danger Close Commandos is always looking for people to play with, and if you enjoy playing with us we always have spots open for soldiers and leaders alike. Our most played gametype is dominion followed closely by ctf and team regicide so if you want extra people to play with let me know.

bumper jumper

I have the same problem when it comes to teammates never going for the objective (or just terrible over all). Send me a friend request and invite me when you could use someone. I play Dominion every day.

My gt: Despotiic