Looking for Custom players

My buddy and I miss the Halo 2 days when we could get people on for hours of custom game fun. Now days most of our friends are on CoD. We would like to get enough players who still frequent Halo Reach to add us so we can start organizing matches again. Anytime we can get enough people on we would be happy to play. So please don’t hesitate to add me if you are interested. gt - CosmicChaos

Hey you can join Social Infection!! We’re the oldest Infection clan around, although we’re not limited to just Infection in Halo anymore and we cover a variety of zombie games also. =)
We’ve got weekly gamenight and a Great community with awesome people. =)
You can check us out at socialinfection.ca

What kind of customs are you looking to play? I’ve recently been running what I call “Social Squad” lobbies due to no longer enjoying matchmaking.

  • 5v5 Slayer
  • ZB, 120 Speed, Increased Jump, No AAs (Occasionally as map pickups), Bleedthru
  • DMR/AR Start
  • We’re currently putting maps together, but they are a combination of Matchmaking, Arena, MLG and community creations. (Zealot, Countdown, Boardwalk, Tempest, The Pit, Sanctuary, Select, Kingdom, plus some yet to test, etc.)

My friends love it. They say it feels like Halo again. Most of our recent lobbies have been mixed skill level. I would call them “Competitive Social” lobbies. I will boot idiots.

I’m running some around 6 PM CST tonight to test some weapon placements and try out a few maps. My friends receive priority - but feel free to message me if you’re interested and I will invite if there’s room.

GT: gomollypop

Sorry it double posted.

@gomollypop We prefer to play with the standard Reach settings when it comes to bloom/player movement. In some cases we will have fun with those settings,but not for standard slayer/objective games. For those we prefer to keep it pretty vanilla. Aside from that we play a bit of everything. We like big team matches mostly. We play a lot of CTF and slayer variants like snipers or zombies. We definitely like to switch it up match to match.