Looking for Custom players and Forgers!!!

So with all this flak going around about things that are missing, things that didn’t need to change, matchmaking errors etc - i am turning my focus and caring to the OG customs life and forging maps/gametypes to stimulate this community. My favorite days were back in Halo2, when you didn’t play online to get points to unlock stuff - when people weren’t consumed by the massive gamification of modern day videogame content - when people played to have fun instead of sweating all over eachother or playing simply for the satisfaction of unlocking something.

As an avid forger and a lover of the customs games that have seemingly slowed down since the grail has been passed to 343, i am here reaching out to all you forgers and custom games junkies in hopes of finding people to create and play custom games and maps with. Forge has been my favorite addition to halo since the battle rifle, and with how much you can do in forge now I’d like to take my ideas and the ideas of others to another level. With scripting, all the new models in forge, the control given over player traits, the potential for a massive customs community is real. I am reaching out in hopes of rekindling my love for halo as i have been very disappointed and haunted my some of the things 343 has been doing to our MP experience - i hope to bypass these disappointments by bringing like minded people together or joining a group of like minded people who play for fun instead of play for the req points or the KD. I love sweating from time to time, i’m a very competitive person and love problem solving, but at this point i just want to play halo in a way where i don’t have to rely on 343’s content updates in order to enjoy the halo universe that i fell in love with 14 years ago.

This is a call to action as well as a cry for help. lmao.

i’m serious, my friends and i are in desperate need of some hope to accompany this seemingly stale and empty release from 343. The gameplay is there, the potential is there, but we need a group of people who are down with the forge and don’t laugh every time we suggest we play a custom game instead of sweating over warzone or arena.