looking for custom game buddies

i want to bring back the relaxed setting that halo 3 had, always playing infection and fat kid and omega journey. All i want is a group of players to play with in custom games or firefight with. My gt is ViagraM0nkey. Please post asl.

sounds sweet dude, gamertags xkinkytwinkyx, i got about 12 friends that would play as well

nice man!! im on right now so ill add u asap.

GT is viscontii i am adding you as we speak… or type… or read. whatever. yeah.

alright i added you.

I’m down to play some customs whenever if anyone wants to add me GT ChronosBolts

gt: Grizball23, Add me, I’m up for just about anything

Added you all, see on reach;)

ok as soon as i get on today ill ad the rest of you guys, i played with grizball last night and it was intense. Lets all have a full game of firefight, do you guys have the dlc?

Black Water Ops is a great community with Halo 3 and Reach gamenights every week. We play all sorts of games.