Looking for cool ppl to play with arena/campaign

I have been playing halo since CE but got really into battlefield and CS the last 2 years or so and bought an xbox just to play halo on. I have recently started playing halo again and I need improvement of course but this is a game that has always just kinda came to me so I am getting a lot better every day. I love the story of halo even though 343 are going in a direction I do not support. I would love to find people to play with in arena and get better with so I am looking for people who are better than me to help me learn Guardians better but who also on occasion would like to go through the stories of the games on 4 player legendary (plus I need those achievements :wink: So if you would like to add me to a group you already have or looking for the same things that I am just message me on here or on xbox. I will be on today and tomorrow almost all day in some fashion.
Gamertag: Slipd0wn (the 0 is a zero)