Looking for Competitively Team Players!

I loves me some Halo 4 but my friends prefer Call of -Yoink!-.

I have plenty of friend slots for my Gamertag.

Hit me up! Lets PLAY!

Mr Kro

Are you looking for a community of like-minded gamers where one day you can be competitive, the next pure fun. Or just the one, it’s your call. Then check out Tactical Gaming (TG) created in November 2004. At TW.TGHQ.ORG There you will meet over 2000+ members of Tactical Gaming playing multiple games on multiple platforms. TG follows a military styled roster, see if you can work your way up the ranks! Don’t worry about having to change your Gamertag to contain TG in it, it’s entirely optional.

Head Quarters: http://www.TacticalGaming.net

About us: http://www.tghq.org/tghq/homepage.php

Why join us: http://tghq.org/tghq/jointg.php

If you register please reply to me on xbox live if you have any questions or concerns about TG. My GT is TG Killua, but if you can’t get a hold of me you can message the following as well.

Western Hemisphere

  • jasparella
  • Dudly Dude
  • Marksman235

Eastern Hemisphere

  • TG Hype
  • xXEdWrightXx
  • bono222010
  • Adam998

Come and join the TROOPS of UNSC© Today.
We’re pushing strictly for competitive gamers, and most of us are on between 9pm and 5am Eastern Time, USA.
Our focus is Tactical style gaming, callouts, teamwork, and the like.
We mainly play Infinity Slayer, CTF, and Dominion, but we work the rest of the playlists in there as we can.
Get with UNSC Trekman, or UNSC Tango for more information, or check out our website.



Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TROOPSofUNSC
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TROOPSofUNSC
Facebook: Troops Unsc

Come and Play the FUN out of Halo 4 with us.

Find your home…
Find your place…
Find your team…
Fulfill your Destiny…

Become a Spartan.