Looking for competitively casual players.

GT: Dow Wow Fow

Looking to play halo 4, sometimes reach or halo 3, with people who are competitive and/or casual players. I’m tired of playing by myself, and just want to laugh and have a good time with other halo players. Whether it be casually, or competitively. I do not care about skill as long as we have a good time. Just send me a friend request, and we’ll play when I am on (mainly will be on but I have work, thankfully I’m 17 making me a minor so the most I am worked is 5 hours and 45 minutes because the workplace doesn’t want to give me a 30 min lunch break). It would be great if you had a mic, but not a big deal if you do not.

I can play reach and 4 (i have 3, completed campaign but not so big on the multiplayer - dont hate) but i dont have a mic, but im playing reach more often now so if you wanna play firefight or online i wouldnt mind. Message me ASAP - jdc2002

I can play halo 4, Reach or Halo 3. Whichever you want I dont mind. Message - Twiistaaaa

AWI - A Worthwhile Investment is recruiting right now. We are a pretty chill clan looking for people that like to play competitively Casual. If you’d like to check us out, you can visit our website awigaming.webs.com. Also if you’re still interested after that just contact me on Xbox at AWI 7PlyJoyRide and I’ll talk to you for a while to make sure that you’re what we are looking for as well. At the end of the day we are here to play and have fun.

i would not mind looking for more friends to play with playing with random people who do not chat especailly on team slayer were i think its needed most is boring its nice to play with friends i will send you a friend requests next time i am on i am playing through all the halo games on legendary so i am focused on reach right now so thats where you will find me at the moment.