Looking for Competitive, yet fun clan?

Are you looking for a Competitive team who can still have fun in games of Arena, Warzone and Custom games? Then Knights Of Akasha is for you, we are a close community who loves a good hardcore game of halo, but still have crazy custom games and are looking forward to the December release of Forge.

  • We are especially looking for some more members for our 4 man teams for Arena.
  • We plan to have an Elite Team for each game type, yes, that does include Warzone.
  • We have Party Chats full of ‘Top Banter’ and hope that our members are not easily offended, but do not try to purposefully offend others.

Knights Of Akasha

If you have a team for breakout i would LOVE to join your clan! if csr matters im onxy in swat, and diamond in free-for-all. My name on here is my in game name as well!