Looking for competitive teammates for fun

Halo 2/3 vet here, looking for people that wants to run competitive games.
I haven’t played halo in ages, but recently started playing Halo Infinite. Last Halo game I played was MCC H2A when it first launched.
Looking for folks that know how to communicate/know call outs/have self awareness/know what to prioritize objective/slayer etc etc.
Not looking for toxic players. Usually get online around 6:00-7:00PM Eastern time and run games at night. Mostly weekends due to work.
Gamertag: BryTrades
I play on Xbox
Feel free to drop your tags or add me.

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Sounds good to me. Feel free to send me a FR. GT is TheSirMagnum .

If your interested my community clan is looking for Any players wanting to join a social/competitive clan with NO affiliation to military/roleplay, Were looking for active playerz who want a non toxic environment to make friends and find fireteam to sweat with or have fun