Looking for competitive teamates for the release

Hello guys, man I can’t wait for this game. Halo 2 was the first game I ever played on Xbox Live and I can’t wait to dive back into it. The highest skill I ever got to in Halo 2 was 32, and in Halo 3 I was a 50. Didn’t care much for reach or halo 4.

I’m going to mostly be playing H2A and Halo 2 Classic and maybe some Halo 3 if I’m starting to do terrible in the other games. I’m pretty much going all out for the release, got a BenQ gaming monitor, Stereo Headset, and took the week off from work.

I don’t have to many friends that like to play competitively like I do so anyone who has similar interests in playing competitively in H2A, Halo 2 classic, and some Halo 3 leave your GT and I will add you because MCC is right around the corner and I want to play with good teammates.

Whats up bro, Im in a community that you might enjoy joining, we have a lot of active members and we have events every weekend. We are preparing MCC and would love to have new members!

The link is http://fcwars.net/

We have some competitive squads in the community as well as some more laid back ones. However, it is pretty cool no matter where you go.

Hope to see you around.

GT:DARK REMALF, add me if you want more info.

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