Looking for competitive team members

Nasty Gaming is back and in full effect! We were sick of waiting around for non active teams so now we are back, once established we run two competitive game battles teams and one main PGL team we have a 2v2 this next weekend already. Below is our guidelines and link if would like to apply, we will be proving our worth by challenging every single team that wants a 4v4 on here once established. We play to win, join if you do also. Happy holidays!
NG Genetics
NG Irtwis
KIK:Genetics GG
GT: Genetics GG (ATM)
GT: Irtwisy (ATM)
EST: 2005 / Halo Ex Doubles Semi Pro Team - 500K+ Earnings Halo 2/2 Genetics & Aptitude
-Must have KIK available on all devices lets us communicate without phone numbers and let us set up matches nightly against other clans
-If not on a one of our GameBattles team you can always work your way in. Games and matches weekly if not nightly!
-USA Based but we accept all countries
-Mature ages only
-Xbox One Only Platform