Looking for competitive players

I’m diamond or above in every playlist (except BTB).
I’m looking for active like-minded individuals of similar skill or to trial for an already existing team.

Gamertag: Zaxuk

Im Platinum 2 in breakout and gold 3 in Slayer


GT: Spin HD

I’m looking to link up with competitive players as well! Maybe enter some online tourneys and such.

Add/Message me and maybe we can get a good team started.

Sounds good Spin. Added you.

I’m online now if anyone wants to play.

Chop Squad is all about getting the most out of Halo and not doing it alone. We’re here to bring competitive, mature, and win hungry players together. There are no limits on who can join. Maturity does not have an age, but please don’t bother requesting to join if you’re not active (at least on 4 out of 7 days a week). Once a member, you will have to tryout for one of our active squads. If you’re not accepted into a squad you will be able to try a 2nd time 2 days after the 1st tryout.

Add me, Gamertag: A7eh

Added you A7eh.
I’m currently online to play or trial.

We sent you an invite to Dynasty IV, We play competitively but have fun doing so