Looking for Competitive Halo 5 Players

I’m looking for people to regularly play Halo 5 Arena competitively with, I’m looking to get back to my best. Most weeks I can be on 3 full days and in the evenings on the other days. I don’t want to join any clans, I don’t want to change my gamer tag, I just want some nice friendly people that aren’t Yoinkbags to play Halo with. I’m 24 so best if you’re on the mature side. Message me here or on Xbox live.

xl KonflicT lx

What rank are you looking to compete at ?

Looking to climb out of the high Golds and Plats and get back into the Onyx Diamond ranks. Looking to play Slayer, Team Arena, HCS, Breakout and Doubles.

Hey man, add me. I got stiffed with ranking because my partner just played terribly. Send me a message on Xbox.

My rankings are suffering because of bad players and people dropping out when a game begins, I’m going to message you.

GT: FeaRshii

send me a message man i’m looking to find a good team and it seems your doing just that! GT - Sii Frederic

Same here, solo queueing is such a pain.
YGP Hashbrown X

Hey everyone !!! I got a team with about 8 players in it rn . If you are interested in trying out or learning more about us please hmu !!! Looking for good competitive players,

add me man. i’m in the same position

phat kat5

Great response guys, I’ve played with a few of y’all already and hopefully I’ll play with the rest of y’all soon. I’m having a Halo day Sunday 11-26-17 so if anybody wants to play Doubles, Slayer, Arena or Oddball for a good chunk of the day then let me know, Cheers.

Hmu I’m not as good as I use to be but I think I’m alright I usually rank in the diamond-onyx tier and I love helping people out it’s my favorite part of halo. I’ve also been looking for new people to play with so that’s a plus. Gt Prophet Onyx

I would love some people to play with as well. I haven’t played Xbox regularly in a few years, but am getting back into it.
Currently ranked Platinum 1 for FFA, and high gold for Slayer/Doubles. I would like to get to Diamond.

GT: SphereSmear

I will add you both. I’ll be having another Halo day Tuesday 11-28-17 so if anybody wants to join me for some competitive Halo then let me know.

Hey there, just created a clan… Join here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/canadian%20legends
The people I do matchmaking with are high platinum to low diamond