Looking for Competitive Halo 5 clan/team to join

GT is misterdarkhorse.

I have played every halo game since the beginning. Great player, even better with teams and mic’s.

Swat K/D is 3.0 ranked Onyx and 3.4 Platinum on Slayer for this month without any teams.

I have been looking for a reasonably small clan of elite competitive players looking to play for the win. Possible tournament gameplay. Most of all, just want to have fun and win games with good friends/players.

26 year old military veteran. Great communication and objective play as well as call outs and team work.

Hit me up on XBOX ONE if your clan is recruiting and has some of the same values and objectives that I do.

You may get more action asking this on the team beyond forums. Good luck

Nice! Thanks for the heads up.

Fastest way to get there??

they have a large competetive scene and a forum for finding other players/teams.
You may well get action here as well though as there’s also some very good players who hang out here.

Cool thanks so much. And yes that’s what I was hoping for.

More than one place can’t hurt though. Just looking to get my name out there so hopefully someone notices and picks me up haha.

Really appreciate the help.