Looking for competitive group

Australian , 20 and looking for a team to stleast play cometetivly , go to LANs and competitions with. I’m a skilled player within areana and looking to come up this year.
my gamer tags - GIBBS IS DRENCH
live message me if your interested in seeing how I play.

I am from united States if your interested I got a team with about 4 guys in it if you want to join ?? Team name is Rapid Fire. But you do need to change your gt or make a new account

We have many great people who you could game with!!
Come check us out at ~> MG Eclipse <~
We are highly active and rarely go a night without a full fireteam…we have people from champ to silver…on the plus we also have great giveaways like xbox one elite controllers and even an Xbox One X giveaway in December!!! We also have small 40 -100 dollar tournaments every month and bigger ones worth several hundred dollars every 3 months…if it looks like something you wanna be apart of follow the link in our bio at MG Eclipse!