Looking for Competitive & Casual Clan

-Want a clan that provides skilled teammates that I can win with in matchmaking
-If I want something casual and laid back, I want to be able to have teammates to join as well
-Community Custom Game Nights is a plus, as well as tournaments

I would consider myself good at Halo. I have a 4 KDA in Arena, but really I just aim to win no matter the objective. I won’t go into detail bragging.
I’ve got a mic, I know call-outs. I won’t change my gamertag. My level is lowish (61) but that’s mainly because I don’t play with randoms so I don’t get as many games in.


You’re welcome to join my Company. Brotherhood of Mambas has pretty much everything you’re searching for! We haven’t had any tournaments yet but that will come in due time. Hope to see you around!