Looking for competition

I play every day usually from 4-10 pm eastern time and have been trying to find people who play halo 4 at least 1-2 hours per day and haven’t had much luck. I have a headset but I don’t care if you have one or not as long as you keep track of where your team is and at least have a positive k/d. I don’t want to have another game in which I go positive and get some assists but still get tbagged at the end because my teammates got destroyed ):. It happens more often than you might think. I’m also looking for people to have 1v1s against. Not many people like 1v1s as much as I do so I have a hard time finding anyone for a custom game.

Our clan is always looking for good people who enjoy the game and like to be competitive. As far as joining I posted on here not to recruit you but let you know there is a website run by Xiled Gaming called Clan Compete where anybody can go on there and join with teams to play competitively or play singles matches. You do not have to be apart of our gaming community to participate on Clan Compete. the website is


If you are looking to join a clan at some point you are always welcome to hit me up. I am the Captain of our Halo Squad in XGC Titans. XGC Titans is part of a larger gaming community called Xiled Gaming and is the only 18+ gaming divison in XG. We boast roughly 60K members across our 5 divisions. If your ever looking to get in on something like that or just looking for some people to game with hit me up on XBL. Our gaming website is xiledgaming.com

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