Looking for competetive clan.

Hi im looking for a fairly competetive clan to join that plays Halo 4 and also Call of Duty. Im sick of playing on my own. Also i have no mic

Don’t you kinda need a mic to be “competitive” to call out and communicate with team mates…?

Im not looking for a super tryhardy clan, just people who can play well

Join the Imperial Spartan republic, we are a militarised clan but have a competitive streak to us swell, we started about 3 weeks ago and have grown to 17 members from then to now, and are still growing, we have a very proffessional website where you can find more info, if you like what you see on the site then please go to the recruitment menu on our site and fill out an application form and then submit it and your in!

Website: Imperial Spartan Republic

Major General Darth
O.D.S.S/Phoenix Squad
Imperial Spartan republic

Join TTG message DynamiteDylan73 on xbl

If you would like to join a clan/community check us out at http://teamshake.org [teamshake.org]
We are a very active clan and we support many games ( BF3, MW3, BLACK OPS, HALO, ASSASSINS CREED 3, FORZA, and GHOST RECON ). We are looking for anyone who is interested in having a good time and playing to have fun and playing to win. We are strongly against disrespectful and any immature gamers and are non skill based. Anyone is welcome as long as they are least 15 or has a mature attitude. We have over 100 members of different races both male and female from around the world. We are very female gamer friendly (i.e. no sexual harassing or trying to date online). Anyone interested check us out. We are recognized by Clan Nation (http://www.clannation.org) as their “CLAN OF THE WEEK” getting an overall rating of 9/10 and The Central Outpost as a legit gaming clan/community. We have been an established clan/community on Xbox live since 2008.