Looking for company

Hi! I’m SuperUltra19. I’m looking for a company that is focused on having fun and squading up normally for games, that also has a decent size. If you have a company like this, and you think I’m a good fit, then please tell me about your company!


Heyo! I am part of an active halo community! We have gamers in halo 5 and mcc but mainly halo 5. We have leagues, tournaments, gamenights and more! We will be starting an 8 week long weekend of tournaments soon! If you would like more info or have questions, you can reach me on xbox or here. My gamertag is: xX NaughtyAngel - our Spartan Company is MG Eclipse if you want to check it out, we have room for people to join but it is not required. We are a laid back community for those who want to be! Hope to game soon! MG Eclipse | Spartan Companies | Halo - Official Site (halowaypoint.com)

well GIVER 90 is always active and gearing up for halo infinite… my gt: bigdaddy b0mber
Feel free to hit me up to play or join group