Looking for Comp/casual Clan

I am looking for a well organized clan that will eventually do clan battles. I am new to halo, but not first person shooters. I am a team player that always goes for the win. GT II BINARY II

Check out http://blackwaterops.net/forums/
While out offical team is reserved for out top players, there are plenty of others and also tournaments for your competitive feel. The Community is pretty tight nit so it’s not hard to hop aboard.

Hey from Novus Ordo Gaming.

We’re a multi-game clan that would love to have you as a community member. We love to have fun, but we’re competitive when we want to be.

We have a full website and Ventrilo.

Sign up on our forums at Novus Ordo Homepage and apply for our Halo 4 division.

Hello there. I may have what you are searching for. I’ll leave a link to the recruitment page. Feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

XIV Legion

Im Tolgar and Pookie Clan wants you!

Looking for a fun relaxed clan that has members on every night. Are not haters. Helps each other improve skills. Don’t rage quit. Play well as a team. Has an active website and want to game with you.

If so head on over to the clans website and fill out a recruitment application

If your not interested then disregard this message 
Have a nice day and happy gaming