Looking for College Halo Players

Hey guys, So I’m gonna be going to college next year and I’m am a big fan of HCS and playing Halo Competitively. I was wondering if anyone knew about any like leagues or anything for halo esports at a college level? I know a couple schools have teams that compete against each other for LoL and CSGO and other games, but I haven’t seen anything about Halo eSports.

If there isn’t any, I was wondering how interested people would be in creating something like that? Of course this would need to be just for current college students or people that are going to be next year. Other troubles I see for it are finding competitive teams solely at a single college, but I think it would be fun to do if we could make something happen like that.

Anyways, if anyone knows about something like I’ve been describing or is interested in possibly making something like it feel free to message me!