Looking for CoDirector for upcoming Machinima

Hey guys, nice to see all of you,

I’ve actually haven’t been on the forum in quite some time and beforehand I just used to lurk and read interesting posts in the Machinima Category, and now I’m looking for some assistance! Throughout the process of making my Machinima, it has been quite tough when I don’t have a very active Co-Director who is willing to help me with multiple things. My friend (Who voices quite commonly amongst my videos) has helped from time-to-time, yet film-making is not his passion, so he doesn’t make it a priority, however, I’m looking for someone who can.

You see, I’ve always been the kind of guy who goes with the grain in terms of Machinima, but I really want to break that norm. Yes, the videos made were popular (Halo: Pandemic being the most noticeable.) but I’d rather make something that is more original! I’m looking for a Co-Director that is willing to make Machinima one of his main priorities, sure not your #1 absolute top one, but someone who’d be willing to say, stop playing a joyful game of custom games and hop in the production-ring!

So, in short, I’m looking for a Co-Director for my upcoming machinima that we’ve classified as an “Epic”. It will be huge, long, and interesting! It’s work-in-progress name is “Heist”, but that is way to vague to explain the expansiveness of this film!

I need someone who:

  1. Has some previous experience working as a Director/Co-Director in generally likeable films.

  2. Can have some control over a large crowd, with me assisting him/her during so.

  3. Has some writing capability, and can help me formulate more of the script than what is just in my head.

  4. Can give interesting insight on what is going on!

  5. Has Skype, because as we all know, it’s a VERY useful tool =D.

So if you guys want to help me out throughout, you can just post in here with an “application” of sorts containing the following things:

-Previous Experience?
-Anything else you want to add!

We at Black Shard Productions are a pretty laid-back group of people, but we know that work means work (In my case at least =D)! I hope to see all of your guys/girls applications, and I thank you for reading!

See you out there!