Looking for class leaders halo4

Hi im Elven Deadeye of a new militarized clan called Rogue. We do war games, spartan ops, training, and clan wars. Anyone can join and we just have fun. Ranks will be given depending on skill and how active you are. We are looking for leaders of the classes below (except assassin).

Classes: Warrior (on front lines to overwhelm enemy forces), Operator (drive vehicles manned with warriors to break through enemy lines), Sniper (sneak unseen from far distances to assist warriors), and Assassin ( sneak invisibly through enemy territory to take out leaders). No experience is needed but leaders do.


  • Need mic.
    -Must change colors, emblem, and service tag.
    -Obey leaders in times of war.
    -Have fun!

Message Elven Deadeye to join!