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Companies of Halo 5,

I’m currently looking for an organized and semi-competitive clan that specializes in Warzone. Arena and Custom games would be a bonus but I’m really just looking for some skilled, mature, and organized players to game with in Halo 5. I’ve been looking through the clan forums but nothing really seems to fit my criteria of a clan. If anyone has or knows of a clan that falls under this criteria, I would love to hear about it.

Hey bud you’re always welcome at icegamingus.com we have a brigade called infinity which is our halo group. We are a casual/competitive group that like to cover arena, warzone, customs and campaign. If you have any question be sure to hit me up with a message and I’ll do the best I can to answer any question you have :slight_smile:

Welcome to THE ACHILLES GRINDERS!!! We are a group who is ready to grind for the Achilles armor set. It is of high value in the community, and we are destined to get it. We are very active and very competitive in the realm of Halo 5, and have been playing Halos for a long time.

Some requirements must be met before you can just join on in. And even if you meet these requirements, you don’t automatically get into this prestigious Spartan Company.

  • You must be active on Halo 5: Guardians - You must be active on our private forums - You must tell your friends about the company and ask them to joinPlease try to meet this last one. It is vital that we have 100 members as fast as possible to get Achilles. Also, this is not a requirement, but a personal message when you ask to join is appreciated, and you will almost be guaranteed a spot. We do not need a million invites saying the same default message. Try to say why you are a good candidate for our Spartan Company.

Thanks for reading this, new member of THE ACHILLES GRINDERS!!! We hope you have a great experience grinding for Achilles. Below is a list of offices you can be in, with descriptions of each. If you want more details for each job, message me, and if you want to join, message me as well.

The Leadership Office; the leaders who decide who gets in.
-Pug Boy 1234
-IC Sabertooth

The Forum Office; the people responsible for monitoring the forums.

The Tournament Office; the people who schedule tournaments.


The Achilles Grinders

shot u a message on XBL

Check out EpsilonFleet. Sound like we would fit, message me for more details. I’ll add you when I get home.