Looking For Clan

Hey guys

I am currently looking for a clan. I live in the UK(England). I play have all Halo games so i can play any of them at any time. I am looking for a clan with a good structure such as a website. I cannot change my gamertag at the moment. After being a huge halo fan, i have not been able to get online until last year, but i have played alot of reach and have started to play CEA. I have helped a couple of clans in the past to boost their numbers up and get communities up and running.


I’m part of The Dropshock Brigade, and we do have our own website. We have members from 6 different countries currently, and it’s really a nice place to meet dedicated, good, and fun players. If you want more information, I can give you some.

hey :slight_smile:

can i have the name of your website? and how many members have you got?

I’m the Halo Branch Leader of Zephyrgaming network (www.zephyrgaming.net)
We’re a smal community, and we’re always looking for more active members. ZGN has branches for other games too.
head on over, check us out. if you want to join, send a friend request to ZGN Halo and sign up on zephyrgaming.net

I’m the founder of Midland Base.

We have ranks, awards, and TWO websites:



We play CEA, help with skulls, terminals, etc.

One of our Moderators is in Ireland, and we have a member in Poland.

We are looking to increase our number of members from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

We’ve been around almost two years.

Check us out.

Hey UK II DeffDeala I am also part of the Dropshock Brigade, and the website is Dropshock Brigade. StOrMtAnK37 may have already given you the website but just incase there it is. It is a a great gaming community, and I think you would make a great addition so I really hope that you do decide to check us out and join.

PFC Henjaq.