Looking for clan, read details

Hi I’m looking for a group of gamers who play halo reach and are planning on going towards halo 4, preferably a relaxed gaming for fun group. I’m not super skilled at video games but I try hard, and know I would do better playing with others who are communicating. If this sounds like you or your clan feel free to reply here or send a friend request to Rinzler37 on live. Thanks!

you could check out the BaF clan their a cool relaxed clan if you want more info msg Baszie or check their Website.

alternatively check out The Order Of Chaos.

UNSC Marine Corps.

How about you join the UNSC Marine Corps.? We are a Halo only clan that is themed off of UNSC Marines & ODST’s. We currently have 32 members & are rapidly growing. We do not have an armor system, so you do not have to change your Spartan armor. We do however use an emblem. This would be mandatory. You would also have to be a regular user of our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you want to join now, please click the first link below. If you want to watch our recruitment video, click the second link below. Have a good day.



Recruitment Video:


have a look at free lancer list it is alright. If that doesn’t work try starting ur own caln

Hi,if you’re atleast 15 you can check out Advent Halo (www.adventhalo.net). We have a range of different members. Some are competitive, some play for fun. We have big things planned for Halo 4 and are currently working on a brand new professional site that will be up and running before H4 comes out.
If you have any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Hey! I represent the clan CherokeeVikings, and I believe we could be what you are looking for! We need new support now around the release of Halo4.
With member-ages ranging from 16-23 I believe we are one of the more mature clans out there for the moment.

We are a small and personal clan, with focus on teamwork, tactics and achieving the best possible halo-experience out of the games. The ChV will be the team you go into matchmaking with at a regular basis so you will know what you can expect from you fellow teammates, rendering any of us several times more valuable to you in combat than any random teammates/”cannon fodder” you would match up with when searching games alone!

Take it all to the next level with a team you trust, at your back!
I hope you will consider taking a look at our commercial, (3 minutes of well edited content) which will give you an impression of what we are all about.



Let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:
I can be contacted on any of the obvious platforms; reply here, youtube, xbox, bungie, etc.

Waypoint ChV Recruitment thread for more info


Check PraetoriaGuard out at this thread:

or http://www.praetoriaguard.com

“If you’re someone who enjoys a challenge, loves to play with more than just yourself in matchmaking, is looking for somewhere to belong, or just looking for a good group of sporting Halo players to get achievements with, we can always use new members at TROOPS of UNSC©, and we would welcome you in our midst, and find a place for you to fit in. Come join the TROOPS of UNSC© , at www.troopsofunsc.enjin.com and see if we’re the right fit for you.”
We are currently offering Casual and Competitive Division so,for more info please contact me UNSC RELLIK on Xbox LIVE or on our website to help you with any questions you may have, or help signing up.

He joined Advent Halo