Looking for clan / people to play with

Hello, I’ve been playing Halo since Halo 2 online, now that theres a lot of ranks I’m looking for a team or clan so i can have people to play with. i had a 50 in halo 3 and played reach and H4 Competitively. My ranks are kinda low right now cause i just go in solo, h2a rank:18 h4 rank:13. also my mic is currently broken :frowning: will have a new one soon tho, in the meantime if you still wanna play i can hear you call out and will more than likely go postive

gamertag: Jschaeding

I’ve messaged you on Xbox Live Jschaeding :slight_smile:

Hey man if you are looking for people to play you can add me on xbox live at Only Use A Frag

I’ll send you a friend request. I am also looking for teammates… Eliteslayin420

I help run a Halo Community called Hyped Gaming Online. We are currently looking for members that are willing to participate in weekly meetings, practices, and Community Play nights. We also hold multiple competitions where u are able to win prizes. We also run inner division battles and outer division battles. There’s a lot more that we offer but overall we are a Community of gamers who love playing games Such as Halo. Come. check us out @ hypedgamingonline.net or contact HG Burgh412 for more information on joining. Hope to see some new faces