Looking for clan members for new clan

Hello everybody I have created a fresh new group and am looking for players that are looking for a group to warzone or go team slayer with you’ve found it I only have 2 requirements
1.Show the other members kindness, don’t treat anyone with disrespect because I am trying to create a friendly environment it’s not only a good way to make friends but also it’s a lot more fun when everyone gets along.
2. I would hate to have to say it but there is also a small K/D required but I could also be swayed for good reason the K/D I’m asking is 0.5 it’s just to keep trolls and thoes who don’t care about the game away.
Thats everything so please become a part of the group I’m hoping together as a team
We can accomplish so much more. All you need to do to join is comment below and you too can be an Unbroken Spartan.