I represent a number of clans looking for clan battles

If you have an established clan and are looking to have a good fun but tough battle we have a number of clans ready to play from big team battle to one on one.

we have clans of all skill levels so if your scared dont worry we can get you set up with an equal match…and if you think you are too good…well then just put your bullets where your mouth is :slight_smile:

if you are up for a fight message me RR Ninja Nad OD on xbox live and we can make arrangements.

if you are looking for a clan to join we also have a number of clans recruiting so message me as well.

Hope to see some action soon.


Hey roll call is loaded with clans as you figured out…if i see my eyes on anyone i will tell them to leave you a message…hope “halo topic” is going well let me know when you have any updates!

hey I have a clan and we are looking for a swat or sniper clan battle

Hit me up GT RR Ninja Nad OD

Swat n Snipes is our specialty
lets get it on :slight_smile: