Looking for BTB players that play regularly(18+)

I’ve decided I’m not looking to join a clan or another Spartan company cause me and my friends are all in our 20’s and 30’s so we don’t have enough time to commit and we are already in a Spartan company but we all love halo and get on fairly regularly about 4-5 times a week. We hate that there aren’t really a lot of social playlists anymore like there were in earlier halo’s which is why we are kinda forced to play big team since it’s one of the only social playlist at the moment. We mainly play BTB and customs on classic halo remake maps. If anyone is interested in joining us Just message me on Xbox live. We would prefer if anyone interested was 18 years or older since like I said we are all a little older too just so that way we don’t have any awkward conversations about homecoming court or how billy is dating Jessica now and she’s such a harlot. lol
My Gamertag is Brollionaire

id be interested if you guys liked to play the original games and vote for halo 2 classic in big team. let me know if you would want to do that