Looking for body & voice actors for machinimas!

I’ve started looking for body actors & voice actors, My gamertag is of course Iceman V4LOR. Send me a message & a friend request & depending which you choose or both, I’ll give concise steps, directions, & updates regarding machinimas. When forge is released for Halo 5, that’s when I’ll begin directing my new series. As for voice acting I don’t have many expectations meaning you don’t have to be a professional voice actor just to take the roles. If there’s anything I must know about regarding any type of conditions, tell me in advance. I’ve listed the requirements for each category below, You will receive credit for helping.

Body actor requirements:

  • Must be able to listen & understand instructions - No messing around during filming
    Voice actor requirements:

  • Need a pc external mic (Turtle beaches work as well) - The mic must have at the very least decent voice quality (No feedbacks) - Must be able to properly read & pronounce lines given on the script - Coordination regarding the progression