Looking for body actors for a machinima!

I’m looking for high ranks that can body act for a machinima. You must have a lot of armor, but some roles don’t require a lot of armor so I may be able to sort out a role for you even if you don’t have a lot of credits. This is my first machinima but I’ve been studying for a while, and I’ve learnt a lot of things I can use. To be in the machinima, send DC755 a friend request and catch me online. Feel free to bring friends too.

The plot isn’t finished yet, but it’s going to be something similar to the actual halo story. Something along the lines of a secret ODST squad sent behind enemy lines to spy on the elites, but one of the ODST’s forms a friendship with an elite and has to make a tough choice on what to do. I haven’t made a channel on youtube yet, however I’ll tell you when I do. Voice actors aren’t needed at the moment.

i have you as a friend allready so i will do nothing now or would i??!!

OR WOULD I???!!!

aye i can help my GT:Savage621

sounds neat! What is it about?

Sounds great! And Gannon he said it is about an ODST that forms a friendship with one of the Elites that they were sent to spy on. Is that what you meant?

Ok, I’ve decided that before I start the machinima I’m going to do a few smaller videos, so if you wanna help then I’ll be filming those first.

Oh yeah, and also I don’t yet have all the things I need to make it but I’m going get it soon. My birthday is April 2nd, so I’m most likely going to do all the filming before that, and then use the capture card/editing software I’ll hopefully get to do all the capturing and editing.