looking for big team battle players

Looking for more ppl to play big team battle with or just play halo reach with period. Big team battle is my all time favorite though. Please have a headset cause communication is key. Don’t care if your good just as long as you know how to play. Please no nerd raging in middle of game just cause were losing, yeah i like winning but having fun is more important then just winning. I most have a party of 3 sometimes 5 at most with me, but still like to meet some new players get more friends that play halo. It seems to slowly start to die out cod is taking over. It’s time for halo to regain the number one spot light and i wanna help make it happen. So if you wanna just have a great partner that is good at the game and someone to have a blast with just add me. My gamer tag is (-- It’s MUSKETeer --) so feel free to add me. Like i said i’m a laid back calm gamer who likes to have fun and play halo.

I’m always up for some BTB and I just got my new mike. GT: AnNoYiiNG