Looking for Big Team Battle Players!

Hi I’m Genesis Rider, the Head Recruitment Officer from the Halo 5 Big Team Battle Spartan Company “ExO Delta Gaming.” BTB truly needs to be your passion if you want to join ExO Delta Gaming. We are actively recruiting good players for our Company, but with the limited spots we have left available we’ve had to crack down on making sure people who join us have at least somewhat decent stats.
Please Note: A 1.5 BTB K/D is required along with a minimum of 100 BTB games played to join us. You must also own (and actively use) a working mic.
If you pass these requirements and are looking to play the Big Team Battle playlist with an experienced, competitive team, please reply to this forum post or contact us directly over Halo Waypoint (ExO Delta Gaming) or on Twitter: @exodeltagaming
Our recruitment process helps us vet any potential players who show interest in joining us. We want to make sure you benefit us in-game (by winning) and out-of-game (by having a teamwork-oriented and positive mentality). We also want to make sure you get something out of joining us and we are helping you just as much as you are helping us. The following is a shortened and abbreviated list of the joining process:

  • We add you to our “Candidate List.” This means that you gain automatic priority in our lobbies so you can play with us as much as possible to ensure we’re a good fit for you & vice-versa. - We conduct a brief and simple 1v1 skills assessment and (if you pass) an orientation to ensure you understand and satisfy our competitive standards (approx. a 20-27min process in total). - We bring you to a final member vote at our weekly High Command meeting.
    Final Notes:

  • A good bit of advice is to LISTEN closely more than talk excessively. Make sure you add most ExO members you come across in parties. The more of us you play with, the better your chances are of making member. - The only two things we will ever ask you to change are your in-game emblem (on weekdays only) and your in-game Service Tag (when running a structured lobby). - ExO does not condone farming, cheating, stating, and/or holding the objective in any way whatsoever. We play the game to win in the most efficient and teamwork-oriented way possible. - Several of our members are considered “OG” and joined long before we set our current skill requirements in stone. Thus, it is possible to play in a lobby of players that are not highly-skilled slayers, but keep in mind these people have likely been in our Company for some time. We don’t leave our own behind and it’s rarely an issue. - If you have any questions whatsoever please ask me here: Genesis Rider or on Twitter here: @genesisrider

Good luck with your recruiting! I only wish I could have gotten my KD up there to join.