Looking for Awesome Active players! :D

Legion of BOOM BOOM is currently recruiting for ACTIVE players! We are preferably looking for players in the US or Canada or in the same Hemisphere, because of the time zones. We welcome competitive and casual players. We teach our member’s map call outs, weapon spawn, respawn points, map control, and strategies. Learning these builds a better team guaranteed! You will become better player as well, I believe in that 100%
We also play fun custom games to practice and develop certain skills so you can utilize them on the battlefield. This also allows member’s to build a stronger chemistry between each other. Again we are a VERY TEAM BASED COMPANY!
Our goal is to complete all level 5 Commendations and all legendary armor. It would be greatly appreciated having YOU join and contribute to our CAUSE!
If you are interested please check our company page and send Queenlingling a message!
Thank you for reading and best of luck!
-Queeny :slight_smile: