Looking for average team mates to play customs matchmaking etc.


Just looking for some people to play reach with. All my fiends who got the game dont play it anymore so im looking to make friends with some people who still enjoy the game. No clans or recruiting just somebody to shoot the s*&t with. I dont care what your K/D is or your BPR is. Win or lose it doesnt matter, I can also try and help you improve your skills if you like, just tired of playing alone. Preferably no kiddies thou.

Hit me up if your interested.

sounds cool i will message you next time im online


Feel free to friend me. My tag is MURLUCK and I wanna play with “team-players”.
I love Halo and have played every game in the franchise, so if you want to start a clan, I may be rusty but, I’m not a good adversary to have.

Send me a message, and let me know where you’re from, and I’ll be happy to play with you.

I’ve been looking for some people to play forge, and custom maps with, since no one on my friend list really plays Reach anymore, and those that do it’s just boring match making.

XBL: Xieon1