Looking for available WZ players right now

I hoped back on Halo 5 about 3 days ago and to begin with the game is so heavy that it was a massive pain in the butt to reinstalled it only to bear witness that 6 months later and regardless of all those updates the game is still broken and makes solo queue is absolutely useless smh! Now a little bit about me i’m a pretty average solo player but based on my previous experience back 1 year ago with my former fireteam who was absolutely ruthless but since then the guys have moved on to other FPS but i can genually say that usually i’m perform well in a team but i require certain conditions which are being in a team that never gives up on fighting either to defend or capture a base and even if we lose a base it gotta be a hell of fight at least a good 5 mim before finaly backing down the way i see my relationship with my teamates is i got your back and you got mine meaning don’t let enemi spartans sneaking on me assassinate me and steal my power weapon and i won’t let them have yours and even if i get kill make sure they dead too pick my weapon right back up and give it back to me or ask me before keeping it that’s all i’m asking if these conditions are reunited i can be a descent WZ player! From a tactical stand point i’m more of a zone player i like map control 1 year ago with my former team our speciality was the quickcoring of an enemy teams if the game was harder we usually focused on maintaining control on our bases of course no flying zone tactics destroying every banshees as soon as they hit the map the same goes for tanks and mantis too and of course killing every bosses if possible was a must that’s the way i use to play back then and that’s the way i like me a good WZ game period! I don’t need teamates that are only motivated by their killing ratio or who are losing bases too easily from lack of paying attention i need teamates that are really focused on the game when they decide to play it If there are players out there who are matching my preferences your boy is available right now if you wanna kick it in WZ i don’t need obligatory a full team we can dual tag teaming to begin with Finally i apologise for the grammar cause i’m French and i haven’t spoke English for at least 6 months and i don’t know why the English corrector on my smartphone doesn’t seem to work anymore so i wrote it all from my memory also if anybody know how to make paragraph that could help too thanks :v: