Looking for AUS / NZ players (1-2 needed) to complete our semi-serious team, online tournaments in the future?

I’m searching for like minded Australian NZ players who want to take Halo Infinite to a higher team based level. Custom games, map rotation, proper call outs etc. I’m in my 30’s and currently Diamond 4 in Open and Diamond 1 in Solo Console. We have a rough team of 3, with one D4 and the other Onyx 1600 but we’re looking for 1-2 people who play regularly that “might” (in the distant future) wish to compete in online tournaments (but lets get to Onyx first). I’m not the best player out there, but I really wish to improve at this game and it’s difficult to do with the randomness of team mates and match making. But I have a goal in mind after reaching Onyx. I play every night, generally from 8pm onward (later on weekends) and live on the east coast of Aus. I’m not big on stat checking (as they don’t show a lot of important things or playstyles) but you can check my stats and see if I might be a good fit. I can’t speak for the other two, but they play similar or better to me. https://halotracker.com/halo-infinite/profile/xbl/VERRDANT/overview?experience=overall
You can also add me (that same profile linked above) and let me know you’re interested in teaming up!

Hey mate, me and my friend are in our 30s been playing halo since halo 2, we will be keen to team up and see how we go, my gamer tag is GSEA on Xbox, we are both onyx and looking to get in the more competitive scene then ranked, same goes for any1 else needing players for team or scrim full ins, add me


Sounds good mate, I’ll add you!