Looking for Arena Spartan Company

Hey ladies and gents. I am looking for an active group of Spartans who enjoys playing arena. I’m tired of joining spartan companies and they pretend they are in the military with these dumb raids. I just want to play matchmaking. I am a consistent onyx player with above a 2.0 KDA. I have a mic, know callouts, and very active. Let me know if you have what I am looking for. Also would prefer something with discord if possible but spartan company would work. Message me on Xbox or back on this post! Thanks.

Sorry if I’m late and you’ve already found what you’re looking for, but my company may be able to provide what you want. We’re both competitive and casual but we are active currently and play lots of arena and matchmaking and the name of our company is Running Riot Corp. We use discord as well as Guilded If you’ve ever heard of guilded it’s like a extended part from discord and is in its beta where you can find teams easier for the games you want to play. Our company is fairly small as it is still in the making and we’re currently organizing and recruiting. I myself am not the owner of the company, but Tohur is his name. We hope you’ll consider joining us and if not I’d like to offer my best of wishes.

You sound perfect for The 100.

Take a gander.