Looking for an Arena Spartan Companies

I really hate ranking low in Arena because I play by myself and other people don’t like using communication. I’ve been ranked Gold in Team SWAT and Slayer for several seasons and I’m tired of it.

Hello DevTeamSix… I believe Cairo Station might have what you are looking for. We are a great community of guys that love to play Halo. Cairo Station is a military-sim clan with lots of cool features. Though, we do more than just arena. We have a bootcamp (its easy and only last 3 days), once you pass that, you will be a Marine and can choose to go into the SPARTANS, ODSTs or ONI… You will find a Fireteam that plays Arena with you and you will become a family and work well together, like you are looking for… We also do raids with other clans and have many more clan events. You should totally check us out!

Spartan Company : Cairo Station
Website : www.cairostation.enjin.com

Hi there DevTeamSix Operation TryTanium might have something for you, we have a good mix of different skilled players, So if you would like to check us out, and see if we are what you are looking for, then go ahead. Should you have any questions you can reach me here, or on Xbox Live messaging.