Looking for An Active Machinima Crew

Just wondering if there are any Spartan Companies or smaller groups out there dedicated to making machinimas. I’ve always been interested in creating or my own or being a part of someone else’s project, but never had the time nor motivation to start until now.

I’ve enjoyed RvB, imSuck’s Hollywood Halo, Machinima’s content during the Halo: Reach days, Return of the Spartans, and more recently KnightmareFilmz’s material, and have started to build some narrative ideas of my own. Right now, however, I’m just looking through Halo 5’s custom browser and finding maps I think would be suitable for machinima.

In general, I’m just curious to know if there is a network of machinima creators on this platform, or other people like me who would want to do to this sort of thing.

I’m trying to put together a machinima production team called High Ground Machinima.

Not many companies that I know of, but there’s groups and various assortments of people.
You might have good luck with some of the Discords. I know there’s the Machinima Hub, TheGreatIsiah does stuff, so does LostHoboFilmz.
I havent really seen a huge amount of new machinima out there though. If you got something planned tho, I’d be down.